In 2016 the very charasmatic Zé Cope agreed to join me in the formation of Put A Shark In It. For each episode we rewatched and dissected a collection of 8 of our favourite films (and one fan request) exploring why we loved or hated them, shared insights from each production and touched on what was due to be realised in 2017… all while struggling to stay on topic. 

We laughed alot, and hope you do too!

Episode 1: Choose Life

Put A Shark In It explores the depths of Trainspotting in their first episode. Join us as we take you on a step by step journey through one of the best films ever made.

Episode 2: Glitterbomb

This week our shark infested waters invade the world of Ridley Scott’s 1985 fantasy extravaganza ‘Legend’. Starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry.

Episode 3: Jaws In Space

This week on Put A Shark In It join us to journey through Alien and Aliens. No one will hear you scream!

Episode 4: Slaughtered Lambs

Halloween season is upon us! Join us as we run terrified through the Moors as a ticking hell beast clock hunts us down. In this episode we enjoy An American Werewolf in London

Episode 5: Hallucinogenic Brooms

Join us for our second outing into Halloween land. This time it is a world of witches, virgins and corpses it is of course the Disney classic Hocus Pocus!

Episode 6: Hey Snot Face!

This week we take an adventure into imagination land with our favourite scoundrel, Drop Dead Fred aka Rik Mayall.

Episode 7: Flash Force

This week we are untangling our 1st request ‘Flashpoint Paradox’. Not only do we talk about this whirlwind film we also touch on some other much loved Sci Fi, pop culture and facts.

Episode 8: Yule Love It!

Merry Christmas one and all, Welcome to the Put A Shark In It ball! Jumping into Xmas head first with this installment featuring the classic film Scrooged. Enjoy!

Episode 9: What’s This?

This is not only our last episode in our Christmas season but it is the last episode of Put A Shark In It this year! We’ll use this momentous occasion to explore the wonder that is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas with our guest speaker Keith Davison.

Episode 10: New Year!

Welcome, to the world of tomorrow! Let us take you month to month to get an idea of what you will be watching, loving and potentially avoiding over the coming year.

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