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Lynne is currently working with Causeway Pictures, led by producers Chris Patterson, 2020 BFI Vision Award winner, and Margaret McGoldrick, Graduate of Rotterdam Producer’s Lab.

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Northern Ireland Screen is delighted to announce that principal photography has begun on MANDRAKE, the latest project to come through its New Talent Focus scheme.’ 23rd November 2020




Young carer Ryan wants to give his little sister the childhood he never had, but is his naivety putting her in danger? They have some growing up to do if they want to stay together.

Written by the award winning writer Jan Carson


‘After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it’s time for a fresh start abroad. Guided by an old climbing friend of her husband, she plucks up the courage to bid goodbye to her former life by doing one last thing – pushing herself to climb his favourite mountain for the first and only time.’

In 2015 I was selected to take part in Northern Ireland Screen’s Access Shorts programme. In which I went through script development with NI Screen’s Short Film Executive and Script Consultant; the film developed from concept to complete script in a matter of months.

As with all of my films I had a clear vision of how I wanted to tell the story, I knew the set up and the physical journey which would mirror the personal journey we would follow. My development journey was somewhat clear cut because of the way I work.

At the end of Access Shorts development only 3 out of the 6 short film scripts received production funding. The Climb was one of the successful scripts. After an industry script read Julie Gardner, Creative Director & Producer at Lacada Entertainment signed on to produce.

The film has had a great response from both audiences and peers. It is the work I am most proud of to date.

The Climb has been featured in The Belfast Film Festival, Chicago Irish Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, Feeback Female Film Festival/Best of Feedback Film Festival, Film Devour Film Festival Belfast, Irish Film Festival Boston, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Sleeping Giants Film Festival, Toronto Irish Film Festival and hopefully some more later this year.

Winner of Best Performances at the Feedback Film Festival 2018


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An elderly woman sits in a park. Lost and alone, Elaine is joined by Sam, a young photographer. Sam offers her time, showing Elaine much needed compassion and solidarity.’

In 2014 I was working with Supernova Productions developing short documentaries. We decided we wanted to put together a short script and apply for Funding from Northern Ireland Screen, but after coming very close to being selected we unfortunately didn’t succeed. Supernova and I decided that we still wanted to pursue the film, making it for nothing using our in house equipment and professional friends who could offer their time.  We were extremely happy with what we created with no budget, I had the chance to work with a wonderful seasoned cast who gave everything to the roles and we had the pleasure of premiering at the Belfast Film Festival in 2015.

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Frightened and alone Karen lies waiting on a hospital stretcher, afraid of the unknown she tries not to panic. Frank arrives to take her on her journey through the twists and turns of the hospital.’

Working closely with Ruth Woodside in 2011 we made Trust Me with no budget. Using our professional contacts we attached a producer, established cast, experienced crew and landed a seemingly unobtainable location. The film was a triumph of our ingenuity and tenacity.

A short walk that reveals untold desire and passion for a beautiful stranger.’

In 2010 Ruth Woodside and I were eager to make another short, so we decided to do something that could be done in a day with no dialogue and limited locations. Through a casting call we met with two upcoming actors and then called in some professional friends to help out for the day. The result of this endeavour is an insight into longing.

Tryst was selected by the 26th BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2011 and Festival International Du Film Lesbien and Feministe De Paris 2012


Showreel minus The Climb and Ducks.

A crime boss mother is searching for her missing son, if she can’t find answers she will have her revenge.’

In 2007, at the end of my HND in Media moving image myself and Ruth Woodside teamed up to produce our end of course film. It was an ambitious short in which we were able to experiment with SFX make up, foley and featured lights.  The end result was the stand out film from our year and sparked a partnership which lasted across a collection of short films.

At the beginning of my journey into filmmaking, when I was 15/16,  I borrowed a PD150 from college and set about making two of my first short films. I wrote, shot, directed and edited these films and do think they have their value but time has not been kind.


Incoherent ramblings which reveal the horrifying nature of unhinged actions.’

No body, no murder, no murderer’

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